Gyratory Crusher
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Instant setting adjustment with Hydroset system for wear compensation and product size alteration
The MAHYAR CRUSHER 36” superior gyratory crusher is an intermediate crusher especially suitable for the reduction of coarse material from a primary crusher for example our small jaw crusher ,or similar-which operates with a discharge setting of up to approx. 170mm c.s.s Three versions are available, with feed openings of 325 mm (13”),275 mm(11”) and 225(9”).
Hydroset Control
This consists of a robust hydraulic jack which supports and adjusts the mainshaft assembly. Setting adjustment can be carried out by one man in less than a minute. Hydroset control has been successfully used for several decades.
Remote setting indication and adjustment
A remote setting indication system can be supplied as an optional extra. A special Hydroset tank is used and is fitted with a setting transducer which is electrically connected to a remote setting indication unit so that the crusher setting can be displayed in the plant,s control room. The setting can than be remotely adjusted by a pushbutton - controlled pump and solenoid valve.
Automatic control systems
MAHYAR CRUSHER CO. Can supply an automatic setting regulation system as an optional extra.The system automatically monitors the motor load the Hydroset pressure and the setting, and automatically regulates the latter in accordance with the load, on the crusher.This gives optimum crusher utilization and considerably improved crushing results. Also available for special applications is another syetem which controls both the feed and the setting.These systems are described in a separate leaflet.
Quick - emptying crushing chamber
If a sudden power failure stops the crusher under load,the mantle can be lowered so that the crushing chamber can be easily emptied. The concave ring can easily be rotated to even out wear.


Selection of crushing chamber
The selection of the most suitable crushing chamber depends mainly on the feed size and the desired product fraction. Max. feed size recommendations are given in the table on the next page. In doubtful cases, contact Mahyar Crusher for advice.
Two topshells and three crushing chambers are available on 36’’ Superior Crushers  to  meet  different  requirements. One topshell can be fitted with concaves giving 9” (225mm) and 11”  (275mm) feed openings, whilst  the  other  topshell can be fitted with concaves giving 11”(275mm)and 13”(325mm) feed openings.
The size designation of a Superior Crusher is made up of the feed opening width and the mantle diameter at  the  bottom of the crushing chamber , both expressed in inches. A13-36” Superior thus has a 13” wide feed opening and a 36”  dia. mantle.

Feed arrangements
Material smaller than the C.S.S*. Should, if possible, be screened out from the feed and we recommend a vibrating feeder ahead of the crusher. To  ensure high  capacity , high reduction and low wear , it is essential that the crusher is evenly fed and that the feed is evenly distributed all around the feed opening. Special attention should therefore be paid to the design of the feeding system.
(*C.S.S.=O.S.S - ecc. throw).
Minimum O.S.S
The normal minimum recommended O.S.S is determined by the crushing chamber and the eccentric throw. Guide values are given in the table on the next page.
Product Curve
The product analysis depends on many factors, amongst which are the O.S.S., the crushing  chamber  design and  the  type  of  material being crushed.
Over the years we have accumulated a lot of data about product curves, and for most applications, the curves given at the bottom of the page give good approximations of the product which can be expected.
In general the product curve is directly related to the O.S.S., and the percentage  of  the  product  which  will  be smaller  than the  O.S.S is normally 85% .
Product size distribution diagrams for clean, friable granite
Find the O.S.S. on the horizontal axis and follow  the vertical  line up to the red line. The curve passing through the meeting point  of  these  two  lines  gives  the  size  distribution  of  the crushed product.
Normally approx. 85% of the crushed product will be smaller than the  O.S.S - marked on the  diagram  with  a  horizontal red line.This value can vary with different types of  material, and with diffrent feed sizes.