Impact Crushers
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Impact crushers
These types of crushers are designed to be used for all kind of soft and medium-hard materials (without silica) such as rocks, gravel and mine stones. Several assembly doors are installed on the body for simplicity of repair. The entire crushing compartment is equipped with easily replaceable highly wear-resistant armor plating.
The beaters are shifted into the rotor and retained there by specially designed steel retaining wedges. The impact rocker is equipped in steps with a large number of impact faces with strong beater arms of special alloy steel. The rotor shaft is carried by completely dust proof enclosed roller bearings.
Crusher is made up of easily detachable three main parts, Rotor, Fixed bottom assembly which carries rotor and top assembly. Upper assembly can easily by opened by a hydraulic mechanism with two cylinders and reveals the rotor and inner parts. Assembly and dismantling operations were very simplified.