Vibrating Screens
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Vibrating Screens
The screens described herein are of the out-of-balance two bearing type with circular throw.
The vibrating screen consists in principle of screen body, vibrating mechanism, drive and support spring assembly. It is mounted on a bass frame or another support structure. The screen body rests on the springs and can swing freely on there. The motion is thus not controlled by eccentric shaft or the like but is only determined by the off-center weights in the vibrating mechanism and can easily be adjusted. The vibrating mechanism consists of a shaft journalled in the screen sides in two spherical roller bearings and fitted at both ends with flywheels with off-center weights the off-center weights consists of a number of plate segments screwed inside the flywheels. The throw is easily adjusted by adding or removing segments.
Accurate designing and proper selecting of weights in products of this company causes the necessary vibrating just in the body of screens and surface of meshes.
The screen body is made with sides and ends of steel plate and braces of steel tubes and profiles. It is reinforced where necessary and points specially subjected to wear are protected by replaceable wearing parts. These screens are located on the powerful springs. The screens can be driven either by a direct –coupled motor or by a V-belt drive.
Our Screen don’t need extra services and maintenance and it just need to grease each side every day before starting to work.
These Screens are produced in different models and capacities that some of their technical features and dimensions are written in the below table. For selecting the best screen you can consulate with our technical office.